Keeping and analysis of accounting books

In a particularly demanding time, V.A stands by the needs of businesses ensuring high quality services. We treat every business consistently and professionally, regardless of its financial size, and we process every transaction. Our multi-year presence in the area of finance is our passport for dealing with any issue that may arise in companies with single-entry and double-entry books. Our partners are excellent connoisseurs of Greek accounting standards and international financial reporting standards (IFRS) but also of all financial concepts. After consultation we have the opportunity to update your accounting books by our competent staff in your workplace in order to provide the best possible services and at the same time minimize your time. Our primary goal is to inform you  about the correct implementation of the current legislation, which is a guarantee for the continuous upward course of your business and the gigantism of your plans. Our offered services are:

  • Registration of single-entry and double-entry documents
  • Monthly monitoring of the course of the business
  • Organization and first installation of modern accounting department
  • Harmonization with International Accounting Standards (IAS)
  • Compilation of results for information of the administration
  • Providing tax advice according to the sector and object of activity of each company
  • Preparation-signing of balance sheet and end-use financial statements
  • Preparation of revenue-expenditure model
  • Calculation of relevant indicators

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