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We take care of the appropriate grant program for your business. Lack of liquidity is one of the key issues that every entrepreneur who wants to develop his company’s activities must face, but it is also a stumbling block for any young entrepreneur who has an innovative idea but does not have the capital to implement it. Before abandoning the growth effort, it is worth considering whether it is eligible to be funded by an organization. V.A constantly monitors developments in business grant programs and supports private companies to realize their business vision in the best possible terms. The services provided to businesses cover the full range of the subsidized investment.

We are able to undertake:


  • The control of the coverage of the conditions of affiliation of the company
  • The evaluation of the investment program and selection of the most interesting financial scheme for the investor
  • The completion of the file with all the necessary legal data
  • The financial analysis and study of viability of the investment
  • The preparation and submission of the candidacy file to the competent Body
  • The preparation and submission of business plans
  • The support of the body during the evaluation stage of the proposal and until the final approval
  • Supervision and management during the implementation of investment plans
  • The preparation of the company for the on-site and / or electronic control

Our experienced partners undertake the investigation of the possibilities of inclusion of your business in any subsidy program depending on the activity of your business.

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