V.A with a high sense of responsibility towards partners, customers and society adhered to strict prevention and protection measures even before the spread of the virus. V.A.’s primary goal is:

  1. the health of our associates and the safety of their families 
  2. the protection of our customers without discounting the quality of our services
  3. the contribution to the effort of our country for the reduction of covid disease 19

V.A. from the outset took the following initiatives to ensure the health of employees and customers

  • Rapid covid tests twice a week for all of our staff.
  • State of the art technology air cleaners.
  • Timely intensive hygiene measures
  • Activation of telework for human resources 
  • Regular disinfection of the company’s premises with approved covid control material 19 
  • Daily thermometry of V.A. employees
  • Distribution of masks and antiseptics to fully meet our needs
  • Installation of antiseptic containers in each office 
  • Proper use of air conditioners according to the recommendations of experts 
  • Regular ventilation of the premises 
  • Employee mask use during all hours 
  • Fast customer service outside the company in order to ensure the health of our customers 
  • Installation of protective plexiglass and keeping the distances

V.A in a difficult situation for our country, stays informed about the health developments and is ready to take the necessary actions that will shield the health of the partners and the customers.