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Who we are

The V.A is staffed with evaluated scientists specialized in the business activities of our company.


The continuous and fragmentary changes in the tax system, the complexity and multitude of taxes and procedures that impose excessive obligations to taxpayers.


Having gained excellent knowledge of the market, V.A offers a wide range of high quality business services.

What we offer

Consultant agency

Our consultants analyze the financial operation of the company and formulate the appropriate steps for its upward course

Full Assignment And Accounting Supervision

We undertake the complete keeping of the accounting books of the company harmonized with its special needs

Compilation-Balance Sheet Analysis

We harmonize the balance sheets according to the IAS and the I.F.R.S and we process in depth their data

Guidance Of Business (Investment) Projects

In the modern and demanding business environment we are here to guide you correctly in any business plan you have imagined

Establishment Of Legal Entities

Our specialization in this field allows us to set up companies immediately as well as to choose the appropriate form of it.

Payment Services

We cover all the modern and demanding needs of payroll of any kind of business

Company Actions & News

Latest articles

  • Tax returns

    Tax returns The time for tax returns has arrived again this year. We inform you that for the best possible service and respect of your time, we extend the hours of our company to 09.00 – 20.00. At the same time, by continuing and intensifying hygiene measures to give you a high sense of safety,

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  • Corporate Action

    Corporate action In the context of corporate social responsibility and guided by our will to contribute to the progress and prosperity of Greek society, V.A in a difficult time for the country stood by and donated tablets to children from PEN Kallitheas. In this way, students had the opportunity to attend their classroom classes through

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  • New website

    New website The beginning of the new year brings with it our new, modern website. V.A is constantly investing in equipment and infrastructure, so moving in this context we turned to competent workshops to offer you a unique browsing experience on our website. We intensify our efforts for the best possible information regarding our services,

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  • E-Invoicing

    e-invoicing The development of technology has caused radical changes in our daily lives, it is obvious that this fact would not leave unmoved the business environment. It is worth looking at the data of the European Commission to understand the size of the ‘gaps’ in VAT and the need for an immediate solution to this

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