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The continuous and fragmentary changes in the tax system, the complexity and multitude of taxes and procedures that impose excessive obligations to taxpayers, have the effect the inability to monitor the tax system and requires plurality of obligations from taxpayers and costly compliance. V.A with a presence of 30 years, offers solutions to individuals, in a timely and immediate manner. Being a family business, we understand your needs and concerns, offering personalized services with reliability and discretion. Our specialized human resources, with professionalism and confidentiality are daily next to our customers for issues of Taxation, Insurance, Retirement, Labor Rights and Information. Our people with many years of experience in Tax Legislation focus on the best solutions ensuring the best possible results for our customers. We stand with particular sensitivity towards vulnerable social groups and people with disabilities, offering reliable and responsible solutions throughout the range of tax accounting issues.

  • Preparation and submission of income tax returns and real estate data (E1, E2, E3.E9)
  • Subsidy for children and heating subsidy
  • Exact tax clearance before paying your tax return
  • Timely update of your tax obligations
  • Issuance of VAT and codes for the use of electronic services through TAXIS
  • Real estate tax calculation and printing
  • Apply for debt settlement
  • Tax advices for covering presumptions
  • Writing and submitting private contracts electronically
  • Issuance of traffic fees
  • Issuance of tax-insurance information, ENFIA certificates
  • Calculation of rersons occupying and evidence to avoid additional taxes
  • Submit modifying – supplementary declarations
  • Tax advices for covering presumptions
  • Tips for managing real estate income
  • Arrange tax arrears
  • Parental benefits, inheritance, real estate transactions, land statements
  • Everything about global income (foreign citizens)

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