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The rapid developments in labor issues in recent times require the constant and accurate information of employers and employees. The role of the accountant-tax expert is particularly important for the best possible relationship of trust between the two parties because with the correct implementation of labor law, the information of their rights and obligations can be achieved. Simultaneously with our experience and responsibility, we manage to operate for the benefit not only of the company but also of the employees who o are the driving force for its progress. For V.A, payroll is a separate subject of study and that’s why our payroll department consists of well-trained executives who are in charge of fulfilling your every need.

  • Timely and valid information of labor law
  • Organization and execution of your company’s payroll needs
  • Resolving labor disputes
  • Subsidies for the prevention of new employees
  • Compilation and sending of DPAs and payments
  • Recruitment-departures-complaints
  • Employment contracts and filing statements in the labor inspectorate
  • Continuous monitoring of the collective agreements of your employees
  • Analysis of payroll per employee and per cost center
  • Processing your payroll information and calculating contributions and amounts payable

Do you have questions about your obligations under labor law? contact our payroll department directly.

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