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We provide quality audit services within a reasonable time. The audit process is often crucial for a business and its results determine its survival. Auditing for the VA is not a typical procedure, but constitutes a deeper knowledge of the structures and operation of the business so that we can identify the problems in a reasonable time and provide solutions with the ultimate goal of securing its interests and its successful course. We believe that our audit services provide added value as they serve as a starting point for identifying tax, administrative and competitive opportunities. As the global business environment is changing at a very fast pace, it is difficult for companies to cope and be able to use the skills and knowledge they have at the critical moment in a timely and correct way. For this reason, companies in the private and public sector, very often use the external know-how and specialized advice, when such needs arise.
Our audit services include:

• Administrative Controls

• Audits of Financial Statements and consolidated Balance Sheets

• Book and Data Checks

• Budgetary Control – Reports

• Audits for Mergers, Acquisitions, Conversions etc.

• Evaluate the efficiency of your Accounting

• Administrative Audit – Functional Audit

• Checking the proper operation of the Internal Control Systems

• Checking the proper operation of the Accounting Systems

Our audit approach is adapted according to the particularities and needs of each customer, ensuring quality audit services in a reasonable time

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